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Website & UI Design Live Web Solutions utilizes the latest in creative technology to design and develop cutting-edge Internet projects. We specialize in creating visually stimulating front-end designs that engage your customers and make your competitors jealous.

Your presence on the World Wide Web is a direct reflection of your company, so you have to put your best foot forward. We incorporate sound design principles that focus on ease of navigation, website usability guidelines, and smart, clean content layout. Our web design team provides our clients a variety of concepts and directions and work hand in hand with them to produce an appropriate solution that exceeds industry standards.

Design can have a powerful affect. The right design kindles in a website visitor the right perception of your business, it engenders confidence and trust in your business. The design of your website seeds the first impressions that new customers have of your business. Design is important and it must be right!

Website Management Many design companies take a 'design and drop' approach, the design can not easily accommodate future changes. When you ask for developments a year later they have to change everything to make it work, which is of course expensive in the long term. LWS build websites with long term flexibility to accommodate your future developments:

1. The website style can be easily modified later
2. The menu has 'growing room'
3. E-commerce or other facilities can be added later
4. You can update the content with any Content Management System.

Graphic Design Graphic design and print marketing are as much in need today as they have ever been.

Whether you need a beautifully designed brochure illustrating the benefits of your services and products, or a thriving line of posters, flyers and business cards that broadcast your company to the world, Inventive Creations are here to help, as we specialise in providing affordable and attractive designs for print.

- Logo design for your Website and New Business New Business - New Logo
Your business logo may be the first impression your customers receive of your business. An effective logo should graphicaly embody the key message and qualities of your business. Get it right and you have the foundation stone of a corporate identity to reassure your customers for years to come. Get it wrong and your website, advertising, business card... are lost in the crowd, or worse, they give a bad impression.

Creation of your logo is not a task for a junior designer or a budget-quick-job agency.
When designing a new logo we research your market and industry, we consult with you to arrive at a unique design that presents the right message; we create a logo that works with all required media and strongly represents your business.

Website Content Management System Content Managment System (CMS) returns control of your website to you.

You can edit your own pages at any time, from any location in the world, without having any website design skills or software. Its as easy as editing a Word Document, CMS allows you to edit text, upload and change images and even create unlimited number of pages.

Most web design companies would charge you for each alteration and there would be a time delay whilst you wait for them to perform the task, the CMS would allow you to make an unlimited number of changes to your website instantaneously.

We have been working expertise on Wordpress(WP) CMS Systems

If you feel a CMS would help you manage your company website, we will be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities, and get you started.

Domain Names for business websites
What is a Domain Name?
The Domain name is the name of your web site, such as 'YourCompany.Com' or the closest name to it that is available. Thousands of names are bought every week! If you are planning a website ask us to register your preferred domain name now otherwise someone else might.

Which is better .com, .in, .co.in, .co.uk, .org...?

.Co.in means that the site is a Indian site. A domain name ending in .co.in can be setup to rank higher for searches for India services, it can also discourage internet users in other countries from browsing your site. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

.COM stands for 'Commercial' and is not associated with any particular country .Com is generally considered to be the most impressive domain name, commercially speaking that is, it should really be used for international websites. .Org stands for 'organization' and is usually used for non-profit making organizations. You may register almost any kind of domain name e.g. .com, .net, .org the only difference is that .com has become more popular and therefore is more memorable. You can even register a domain name for another country e.g. .cn (for China), .in (for India) simply because you like the sound of the name e.g. Just Do. It although as you might expect that name has gone.

Ask us to create your website and we'll setup the right name for you

Professional business email address
Your email address says a lot about your business.

It is very easy to arrange a free or cheap email address these days. Yahoo, AOL and HotMail... to name just a few of the service providers who will set up your free or cheap email address in minutes.

However many such email addresses do not give a professional impression of your business. Also, it is not as easy for your potential customers to remember breky_albuqurqe@freeprovider.co.cc as it is to remember smith@example.com.

A new business needs professional email addresses. When we manage your domain name we can provide email addresses too. We can deliver every part of your new corporate identity including your email address.

UI Staffing Solutions
We understand your need, as a Web Design company, we excatly know what resources you need for your projects, which involve UI or Graphic requirements, we have ready resources, or we provide right resources, from the pool of talents, we engage with.

- Ready UI & Graphic Design resources on desk available
- Only UI & Graphic resources will be provided, unlike traditional headhunting, where the client needs to do resume shortlisting
- Intial Screening will be done
- Minimum negotiations on compensation
- No Upfront, fees or commsions
- Minimum contract(8 months) to Max - no liability for the client